Can I haz pizza? Too bad I’m taking it anyways.

Can I haz pizza? Too bad I’m taking it anyways.

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what the entire and actual existing fuck?

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It’s funny when my parents first asked me if I would move upstairs so that my brother could move back home I wanted to say no. I did say, but I wanted to be selfish, just once and say no. I went from the largest bedroom and more then half of the basement to myself, to one tiny bedroom and very little privacy. The thing is though, it’s my brother we have always been pretty close, even though I’m always hard on him and he’s always acting like a completely dick to me, we have always looked out for each other. Actually to put it bluntly we would take a bullet for each other. Plus he’s supporting a wife and kid and paying both of their debts off himself, and he can use the help he will get moving home. It also means more uncle/nephew time for me. It just sucks, and is hard trying to move everything into one tiny room. Although I am getting used to it and it is rather cozy, I think I’ll feel much better about it once everything is move and the pictures are hung. Maybe I’ll have a few close friends over for dinner and a movie once its done.

Also I know a lot of people always ask why I don’t move out. I just want to be debt free if possible first. Its so much easier to move out if your not paying extra bills like a line of credit down. If everything pans out with this job then I’m hoping maybe 1-2 years after my probation is up to move out to my very own place. That will give me time to save up for a good down payment and to have some money put aside just in case. Also I’ll have bought and paid off a car in that time.


I’ve noticed today that I have been getting very lazy with eating healthy. Instead of actually making a decent breakfast, I would just sit around or just find something I don’t have to cook or prep. I’ve also noticed that thanks to previous job experiences I have become more adept at keeping cuts clean and making sure they heal, stay clean and don’t get infected.

Lastly I’m a lot happier with my general mental state these days. Last year for the weeks after board meeting I just felt low because of the extreme emotional high you feel after that day with all the stoke. This year is different, board meeting was even better for me and I was at an even higher level of stoke, but I’m not dealing with the resulting low mood from being at an emotional high for a period of time. I guess I may have just got a lot more adept at dealing with my emotions subconsciously with all this free time I’ve had lately? Or maybe it’s just an age thing as I get older and more mature? Who knows, its definitely a good thing though.


I feel like I’m getting too impatient these days. Usually I don’t mind waiting on others or waiting for a phone call or waiting for a specific date to come. I think the waiting game for this job is finally starting to wear me out, but it will be so worth it if it comes through. I know if I keep my mind busy it will be easier, but my impatience for this call is starting to rub and I’m getting more impatient t with people moving to slow, being just slightly late. I’m getting bored to quickly now. If this job comes through though I could be debt free in 7 months, and then start saving for my own place and a car. I need to get more skating in, skating helps everything.

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Stop Victim Blaming campaign poster series.

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2 years of friendship thomasrmanning

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So I’m super tired, feeling really sentimental and just realized it’s almost been a full 2 years since me and my closest friend met. I guess you could say I wouldn’t of met her if my brother never introduced me to longboarding which has also over the last 2 years become a big part of my life. The day we met we bonded over that same interest. Then that night you posted a link to a kijiji add for a board I really wanted and I thought wow this girl is super rad finding that for someone she just met. I also ended up getting that board too. After that we hung out a bunch of times and then you started introducing me to other people you knew who skated and we started our own little skater group. We’ve had our rough patches where we were mad at each other but at the same time, at the toughest moment in my life to date when I actually wanted to commit suicide you were there for me and actually came down to the emergency room and sat with me. You didn’t ask me why I almost did it or what stopped me. You just came and gave me the support I needed. I can say with the utmost confidence though that we have had more good times together then the bad for sure. From that awesome trip to New York and surviving the broadway bomb skate. To our going to London for the London board meet to even just chilling and hanging out. So even though there are sometimes I still get very annoyed or you get pissed at me they are fewer and further between and we bother generally apologize for what we did wrong quickly. So I guess what I’m trying to say is (because I’m too shy to say this to a friend in person) is that you mean a lot to me, your a great friend and I don’t regret any of the time we’ve spent together and I hope we keep getting closer. I guess I also want to say thank you, for all those times you’ve been there for me over the last two years. I really hope our friendship continues for many years to come still.


"Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to be except exactly who you’re being right now."

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